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Health Needs Assessment (HNA) toolkit

The Health Needs Assessment (HNA) Toolkit is no longer being updated.

The data on this page was last updated in March 2013. The toolkit will remain available for access to historical data.

A signposting document is available here showing the location of ongoing source data for each indicator. More recent data for many of the indicators included in the HNA toolkit are also available through the following PHE tools:

Local Health

Health Profiles

Public Health Outcomes Framework

Please contact if you have any questions

The Health Needs Assessment toolkit is designed to support London's commissioners with their health intelligence requirements. It sources, analyses and presents routine data in order that commissioning organisations can more effectively use local knowledge, expertise, and insight.

The toolkit provides ready to print and download information for more than 200 indicators of health needs. Outputs are provided in a variety of formats, including charts, maps and data tables, all with comprehensive metadata. Data is provided at various geographies, ranging from areas smaller than electoral wards, to local authorities and clusters. London and England benchmarks are provided for all indicators.

The tool is publicly available, meaning it can be accessed by anyone involved in local strategic needs assessment.

Visit the toolkit here